Harvey L. and Maud C. Sorensen Foundation

Since 1963, the Harvey L. and Maud C. Sorensen Foundation has supported children’s health in California. In 2020, the Foundation’s Board of Directors established a postdoctoral fellowship program for clinician-scientists who are conducting innovative research in child and adolescent psychiatry. The Sorensen Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship aims to support translational research that will result in effective treatments and preventions for children with psychiatric disorders and to train fellows to become established investigators. The long-term goal of the program is to position fellows to be among the most highly respected investigators in child and adolescent psychiatry and to serve as mentors to succeeding generations of child psychiatrists.

The Sorensen Foundation invites early career clinician-scientists to apply to the 2023 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Fellowships will be awarded on a competitive, peer-review basis and will be funded for a maximum of three years based on scientific review and progress.

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